Cirque De Lune: Alice in Wonderland

Cirque De Lune Presents: Alice in Wonderland

Our version of this beloved tale will include song, dance, circus and comedy. Alice is a timeless coming of age tale, and story of facing your fears. Appropriate for ages 8 and up. Rated PG for some war references.

The Story

On September 15, 1940 the Luftwaffe flew 1,500 aircraft over London and participated in the largest daytime Blitz attack in history.

The residents of London famously sheltered together through the whole day, keeping spirits up with story, song, and tea. People referred to the raids as if they were weather, stating that the day was "very blitzy".

Our young Alice finds her self nestled next to her mother, bored to tears, awaiting the chance to go back to playing outside. Hoping her dolls were not ruined Alice begins to hum a tune when suddenly she hears a strange noise and sees a pair of very large white ears...


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