Cosplayers/Costumers Social Hour at Ground Zero


This is our 9th one!! The last 8 have been awesome, so we hope you can make it to this one, too... or for the first time!

Fellow cosplayer/costumer or other crafty awesome person...

There are so many posts related to cosplay and costuming regarding:
"How did you do that?"
"Where do you get these?"
"Any recommendations for..."
"I wish we saw each other more than just at the conventions."
"I wish I could dress like this all the time."

So, let's fix this. All of this! Let's meet up and talk about how-tos, where-do-you-gets, and anything else cosplay/costuming, or just life in general. Even though the social is scheduled to end at 11:30pm, most people usually stick around the rest of the night, too, and dance and hang out. All levels of experience welcomed, whether you're a total pro or you just became interested in it. Invite your friends and others who may be interested. Hope you can make it!

FREE cover if you're in costume. Otherwise $5.
2-4-1 drinks (any drink!) until 11:30pm
Cash only bar (ATM across the street)
  • Ground Zero Nightclub
    15 4th St NE, Minneapolis
  • Friday May 19
  • Event on Facebook


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