BERLIN - One Year Anniversary !!!!!

Calling all queer grrrls, boyzzz, & everything in between!
The Twin Cities QUEER INDIE revolution is here!!!

Every last Saturday of the month at Hells Kitchen !!!

Celebrate Berlins 1 year anniversary at our new home Hells Kitchen!
DJ Shannon Blowtorch will have you shaking your ass all night long with special guest performer & MC SWEETPEA. This evening will double as the after party for the North Star Roller girl’s bout. DOUBLE PARTY TIME!!!

We mix your favorite indie dance tracks plus 80’s, 90’s, and current jamz that deserve to be played because they fit. Rulz aren’t meant for parties. Let’s roll with a good time and hear music that’s not overplayed at every other club night! Our focus is not top 40, but we reserve the right to be goofy and get “toxic” when we feel like it.

Berlin is for all of us queers that don’t want to hear the radio playlists you always hear in the clubs. You may just hear something new that you like with DJ Shannon Blowtorch. We’ll be playing everything from the classics to new music. Riot girl, moombahton, punk rock, nu disco, dubstep, dancehall, mash-ups, and bounce music are just a few of what we got to get you moving on the dance floor.

If your expecting to hear radio jams by Rihanna, Gaga, Katy Perry, you are looking at the wrong party. NO TOP 40 REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED.


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