DRAG-N-DANCE AMATEUR DRAG CONTEST! With special San Francisco guest star, Bebe Sweetbriar!!!


Would you like to try out your stuff on stage with a fun, supportive audience? Come on down!

*SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMER BEBE SWEETBRIAR- A LIVE-SINGING DIVA FROM SAN FRANCISCO has included Town House in her national SHOW IT OFF TOUR and will be performing with the veteran DRAG-N-DANCE gurls!!!!!

We will accept 8 contestants!

Please inbox Esmé Rodríguez with:
Your drag name

Rounds will begin with the veteran performers and be followed by a round of amateurs (2 in all for the newbies,) all vying for the final prize! So bring ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY because it is the AUDIENCE RESPONSE which will decide the winner!

There will be one winner who will receive:
-1 paid spot in the first Sequin Sundays Show in March
-Be tutored/helped/given advice from an experienced entertainer!

Amateur performers, please INBOX me to register. Once we have 8 good candidates, the show will be full and no extra performers will be allowed to register.

This contest is open to drag queens, drag kings, and drag performance artists. We do NOT discriminate based on sex, gender identity, or anything else for that matter. But please present fully and carefully as the character type that you choose- the audience will support those who work hard and look good!

Approved amateur performers should arrive to Town House by 9PM with their music labeled (NAME/ROUND/TRACK)
Amateurs will be given TWO chances to impress the audience in rounds TWO AND FOUR. So new folks, bring two songs to perform.

People might wonder how to define "amateur." If you have performed in other shows regularly, you are not an amateur. Please allow this contest to be for new performers who really want a chance to get their heels in the ring, so to speak.


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