Virgin Mobile Presents The Born This Way Ball - St. Paul


Public On-Sale: Fri. Oct. 5 @ 10am

Special Guests Madeon & Lady Starlight

Monster Pit details:

Because of the increased likelihood of adverse weather conditions, the Monster Pit rules have changed for the North American leg of the Born This Way Ball!

- Due to venue capacity issues, only those with GA floor tickets will be eligible to earn Monster Pit access.

- For safety & security reasons, fans won't be permitted to line up at the venue before 8:00am local time the day of the show. Those with GA floor tickets can line up in the Monster Pit eligibility line beginning at 8:00am on the day of the show. At 9:00am local time each day, BTWB staff will identify the Monster Pit key holder and numbered wristbands will be distributed to those in line on a first-come, first-served basis to GA floor ticket holders who have arrived first and dressed to "Ball" (limited quantities are available each day). These wristbands guarantee your spot in the Monster Pit for the show that night, along with your place in line for entrance into the pit when doors open. Upon distribution of these numbered wristbands, BTWB staff will confirm a meeting point for later in the day.

- The line will be closed after all numbered wristbands are distributed each morning at 9:00am, and fans are encouraged to go home, find a local coffee shop, or otherwise leave the premises. This leg of the BTWB is during the winter and for safety reasons we insist that fans not wait outside in the cold all day. The Monster Pit line re-opens daily at 4:00pm ONLY for those who received numbered wristbands that morning, and fans must line up in numerical order based on their wristband number. As these fans enter the venue, their numbered wristbands must be exchanged for the actual Monster Pit access wristband which will not be given out prior to doors. If you do not have your numbered wristband or lost it, you unfortunately will not be able to enter the Pit.

- To ensure those who receive numbered wristbands have access to the Born Brave Bus experience, those with numbered wristbands will have exclusive access to the BBB from 3:00pm-4:00pm each day. Fans are encouraged to visit the bus and learn more about the Born This Way Foundation prior to re-entering the Monster Pit line at 4:00pm. Keep in mind that your place in line is guaranteed based on the number you receive in the morning. **The Born Brave Bus will not be present at the shows in Canada**

- Any fans who arrive to the venue prior to 8:00am local time on the day of any show will be automatically disqualified from eligibility for Monster Pit access.

- A VERY limited amount of Monster Pit passes will be held and distributed at random each night for those who do NOT have GA floor tickets. These will be awarded to random fans once they are already inside the venue.

- To give as many fans as possible a chance to win, no fan can be the Monster Pit key holder more than once.

- Eligibility rules may vary from venue to venue. Please check the rules listed on the event listing for your specific show for the full rules.


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