Come see the Original Queen of Mean, The Nightmare of The Red Carpet and the Legend Herself while she still has a pulse. Tickets will go on sale ($42.00 includes taxes)this Friday and I will buy a section together if you let me know you're interested. We can go early and toss a few $20.00 into the slots before hand. Show starts at 8pm.

Joan Rivers, who's had her face yanked up so many times that when she goes in for a mamogram she just folds down her shirt collar.

Joan Rivers, who's so ugly that when they sent her picture to Ripley's Believe It or Not, they sent it back and said, "We don't believe it"...

Come on, you smiled, a little...

Invite and pass on to all who may be interested!

1/3/2013 UPDATE: Please include anyone who is interested, however I have maxed out my number of tix I can purchase. Those of you who I have purchased for have gotten a text on your phone from me. Tix on sale Friday Jan 4th at 10am on TICKETMASTER, using password FASHION, but open to general public without password on Saturday Jan 5th. Will update invite when we know time/meeting place for drinks before hand!


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