"Come witness raw creativity and talent in dance, poise and technique. Get your LIFE and live it Happily Ever After in a land unexplored, a land of FANTASY!"

ages 18-20 is $15 ($10 at the door, $5 ball entry)
21+ is $10 ($5 at the door, $5 ball entry)


1. BEST COSTUME: Come to the judges with the most creative Fantasy look. Remember you competing against everybody for overall best look so BRING IT if you’re in it to win. (Open To All; 1 Trophy)
2. HAIR AFFAIR: You hair is your crown. Bring it in a sickening dazzling look. Jewels, color, style etc. (OTA; 1 Trophy)
3. UP IN PUMPS: You’re the futuristic Cinderella in a futuristic pump (spikes, studs, flash etc). Walk the runway to show off before the clock strikes midnight. (BQ, FQ, Female; 1 Trophy)

4. FEMALE: You snuck into the palace and don’t want to get caught. Use your masquerade mask as a disguise until the coast is clear then STUN the judges with your OVAH face. (1 Trophy)
5. BUTCH QUEEN (BQ): (1 Trophy) your face is better then his! Now show us why! Bring that beautiful face down the runway while staring at your only competition in the mirror…(Prop must be a mirror of any size)
6. FEM QUEEN (FQ): You’re mourning your competition. Bring it in a black veiled look to reveal your winning face to the judges. (1 Trophy)

7. FEMALE: (1 Trophy) You are the new sex symbol of the world and everyone is lusting for you. Bring it in pink lingerie. The pole is your prop, use it to seduce the judges and the world.
8. BQ: (1 Trophy) What’s your fantasy? We want to know…Bring it in a fetish inspired look for the judges with a sexy prop to play with. (Props, etc)
9. FQ: (1 Trophy) You are the mistress of the night and must show the world why you are the ultimate sex siren. Come in a dominatrix inspired look and show the judges who’s the boss. (props, etc)

10. THUG REALNESS: (BQ, Transmen; 1 Trophy) You’re the king of the world and it’s time to greet your subjects…Bring it down the runway wearing your crown and showing your power.
11. SCHOOLBOY REALNESS: (BQ, Transmen, Stud; 1 Trophy) You finally created a time machine and decided to go back in time to the 50’s, but you still have to go to school. Bring it in a 50’s inspired school boy look and prove that you’re the ultimate school boy at any time. (Props are a must)
12. SCHOOLGIRL REALNESS: (Female, FQ; 1 Trophy) Once again you got in trouble at school and now your parents are sending you off to boarding school. Bring it in a 80’s School girl uniform that will shut all the other girls at school down. (Props)
13. EXECUTIVE REALNESS: (BQ vs. Transmen vs Stud) & ( Female vs. FQ; 2 Trophies)
• BQ vs. Transmen- You are the top executive at the biggest law firm on the moon. Bring it in a out of this world executive look in white with a touch of black
• Female vs. FQ You just got promoted to CEO of a fortune 500 company and you need to make a statement. Bring it in classy business attire in black with a touch of white and a red lip.
14. PRETTYBOY REALNESS: (BQ, Transmen, Stud; 1 Trophy) You are the new pretty boy of the year and you want to thank all the little people you destroyed to get the title. Bring it in black effect and bring a single red rose as your prop. (Rose must be red)

15. ALL AMERICAN RUNWAY: (BQ, Transmen, Stud; 1 Trophy) There was a massive earthquake and when the earth split open you WALKED out. Bring it in a fire inspired look for the judges and burn the competition with your effect.
16. EUROPEAN RUNWAY: (BQ, FQ, Female; 1 Trophy) You are a fallen angel who just hit earth. The only way to get back to heaven is to WALK! Devastate the judges with your walk and your wings and you just might get through the gates of heaven. (MUST BE WEARING WINGS)

17. TWIRLING PERFORMANCE: (OTA; 1 Trophy) It’s the war of the worlds and you were sent to destroy all enemies. Destroy them with your sickening twirling and leave a mark on the runway for all times! Bring it in a blue & white effect
18. J-SETTE TEAM PERFORMANCE: (OTA; 1 Trophy)The crowd wants to see who is this best! Bring it in a gold effect and do damage!
19. HANDS PERFORMANCE: (OTA; 1 Trophy) Your hands are your weapon and it’s time to battle. Bring it in sickening gloves (Be creative with your gloves) that will stop your competition in their tracks. (Remember this is hands, no spins, dips, walks or anything else, just hands)
20. VIRGIN VOGUE: (OTA vogueing for 1 year or less; 1 Trophy) it’s time to pop your cherry on the runway! Bring it in a white effect with a splash of red, blue or green
21. VOGUE PERFORMANCE: (OTA; 1 Trophy) It’s the battle of the year and all your rivals are in the building. Show them why YOU are the only vogue kid that will walk away with the trophy. Bring it in a silver effect with your own twist and pick your battles. The last two standing will fight for the trophy.

Cash prizes will be announced soon!

For more info please call 612-239-8818


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