Our first AIDS Walk fundraiser of the season.


The Movie Bears first AIDS Walk fundraiser will be Sunday, January 13, 2013 at Fuddruckers. As some of you know, the Movie Bears have had a walk team the past 5 years and have raised over $75,000. We would love to pop this over 100.000 this year.

Number one, who doesn't like a good burger, fries, and a shake, or beer. "And yes, they don't just have fatty foods, they do have grilled chicken and Bison Burgers.

Second, 20% of every order comes back to the Movie Bears for the Movie Bears AIDS Walk team.

We will also have a jug and will be taking donations, along with getting you signed up to be part of our Walk team, "if you'd like."

We are doing this between the hours of 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This way people can stop in at their convenience and bring friends with.

So please mark your calendar for the 13th of January, (two days after my birthday so you can make a donation as my birfday present. Also, please share this around to get the word out.

I and a few others will be there for the duration and handing out the coupons to hand to the cashier.

If we have something to add, and you never know, we'll keep you informed.


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