The Absinthe Masquerade


The Minnesota Performing Arts Cooperative (MPAC) is proud to present our second event, the Absinthe Masquerade. A night of mystery to be filled with Aerial, Body Balancing, and Burlesque performances and of course multiple DJ sets throughout the course of the evening. The atmosphere of this event is crucial; as such a formal attire (freak formal) with mask is STRONGLY encouraged. Beer, wine and absinthe will be available. Come explore illusion!
The Djs:
Dachary Zoo - house, world dance, techo, breaks, and downtempo

Acemalaysian- nu.disco, breakbeat, electrofunk, funktronica,

Dr. Nemesis- old funk/R&B

$10 Donation
$15 If attire requirements are not met
  • The Rabbit Hole (MPAC) 726 SE Central Ave Suite 107, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Saturday Dec 8, 2012
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