Tricera-Top of the Mornin' Fundraiser

It's St. Patrick's day and no one does it better than St. Paul, the TriceraTops, and Camp Bar!!

Join us from 10a - 1p where a suggested donation to our softball team provides you with all of the pre-parade fuel you need for a great time!

Choose one of the following options when you arrive:

"Shoot the Rainbow" - $15 donation gets you a set of 3 colorful shots and 1 shot of Goldschläger at the end of your rainbow ride

"Lucky Lad(y)" - $20 donation scores you bottomless Miller Lite from 10a - 1p

"I Make My Own Luck" - For those that want more than just a little Irish in them a $25 donation gets you unlimited Miller Lite AND a trip over the rainbow!!

Donations accepted via cash or credit card at the door -- Your contribution supports the TriceraTops as they compete in the Official N.A.G.A.A.A. Softball season and take another run at the Gay Softball World Series.