19 Bar

97% love it
Gay pub classic
This low-key gay hangout is the oldest in the twin cities. Here you'll find a jukebox, pool, darts, and a seasonal patio.


    • AnthonyLeo
      AnthonyLeo 1 year ago

      Staff has NO CLASS. Bald Bar Back needs to learn some manners. The place is so dark you cannot see a thing when you walk in. The bar has only one spot for you to order drinks and cash only. If you don't drink alcohol your a limited to mixers. Being someone that lives alone and spends most of his time alone it's nice sometimes to just be around other people. But apparently they have a real problem with people camping out and they're establishment. I was approached and accused of doing just that, bringing in my own beverage and utilizing their table without giving them anything. A decent person knows how to approach something like this and it's not to accuse a person right off the bat of doing something improper unless you want that person to feel unwelcome and clearly that's what he wanted to do. And why I can only surmise. But it is unacceptable, especially when you work at an establishment that serves a community that ofthe unwelcome . I have a real hard time feeling ad though i fit in places , and thizls bar back went out of his way to make him feel like crap. Unfortunately he succeeded. I had no problem buying a drink, I had no problem doing whatever it is they need for me to fit in. I have been to hundreds of gay bars around the world. And never have i felt so unwelcome, A gay bar has been a placeto feel safe and connected, to feel part of the community especially when you don't feel part of one anywhere else. The rest of the state might be Minnesota nice but unfortunately in Minneapolis the gay community is Minneapolis Mean. So shame on you Mr. Old Bald Bar Back. I'm sorry no one ever made you feel welcome, I'm sorry no one showed you the way but I hope you take some time to think about what you say and how you act and the effect that has on others and try a little harder I'm sure I'm not the first one he's made feel like this. Please share your story. #Benice

    • Chaud003
      Chaud003 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      not just a neighborhood bar anymore
      It's one of the few gay bars that has gotten busier in last 20 years. People from all over the city come here for cheap drinks, good happy hours, and pool. 25 years ago bar was primarily a neighborhood bar for people living there, or cruising with car in area or in lording park.

    • GayTheWorld
      GayTheWorld Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay History
      Great gay history. Very chill bar.

    • good crowd nice location
      visiting -jan 2 will for sure stop in for a cocktail- im getting away from work for the weekend- need a good time

    • camobert
      camobert Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Old fashioned neighborhood pool hang out!
      The 19 is a dump. It's old, stinky, and just not nice. The regulars are a funky mix, most everyone is nice, even the way overly loud lesbians usually dominating the pool tables. But, as long as my darling pal Nate, is serving me my Coronas, all is well. The 19 has the smokiest smoking area of any bar I visit. I am not a smoker but, I do check out all areas to see who is there, ;-) . I'll always go back to the 19 as long as Nate is there!

    • campbell051685
      campbell051685 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      watch out!!!!!!
      Be careful going to this bar, a lot of people things get stolen, and if you decide to call the police for help the bar kicks you the good customer out! I told the manager weeks ago and he said come get him instead of taking matters in my own hands and what happens i do what he says and im kicked out for life!!!!!!! You know what fuck the 19 and their bull shit... I would think that they would have more respect for good returning customers like me..... but evidently not...... their more worried about their reputation!!!! and to the cost of their customers!

    • manimal.six
      manimal.six Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Enter at your own risk!
      This place is real sketchy, it reeks like a sewer backed up and never fixed it, staff is ok, this is where the neighborhood gay people hang out ONLY, as a typical Minnesotan.. They don't like "outsiders". It's in a real ruff area, so possibility you might get jumped, or mugged, etc.. Not recommended for travelers or wealthy gays.

    • jookman8
      jookman8 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Bar and bartenders

    • RicanRosa
      RicanRosa Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Chill place
      Great little "hole in the wall" bar. Friendly people and cheap drinks!

    • metalboi420
      metalboi420 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fantastic neighborhood bar
      Super friendly staff, great drinks and fun casual atmosphere

    • Ashtonryan
      Ashtonryan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great lowkey place
      Bar 19 is set in a sketchy neighborhood...and parking is limited... so park wisely. The bar istelf is amazing....it's like a gay CHEERS. Everyone feels welcome. There are a few pool tables and a couple dart boards for some relaxed drinking with friends.

      MIKEnSTEVE Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's a fun, little hole in the wall. It's not packed but just right. We enjoy it on occasion.

    • Komet
      Komet Over a year ago
      Loves it

      was great to return visit
      thanks for making me feel welcome & wanted 19 Bar folks... Cheers to Zack the bartender love the remodel job... 'specially the new bathrooms ... an old friend of the 19

    • Fredman
      Fredman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A good pre- bar location
      The 19 is a good place to go for a couple of drinks before you go to one of the main bars. This bar is very low key and a good place to go for a beer or two.

    • Thad4Phila
      Thad4Phila Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really great neighborhood bar
      When another bar turned out to be awfully loud, I suggested that my friends come here instead. Good call. It's your basic gay neighborhood bar, with pool tables, good drinks, and lots of room to sit. The music wasn't overly loud and we had a great time.